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Does anyone else actually flail around? I mean, we all say we do, but I legitimately do a very girly little dance in my chair, with spastic arm movements to match when I’m excited or tickled by something. Just me? 

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    Spence, I was going to reblog this…but then I realized it was from you, so imagined you flailing and I couldn’t help but...
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    Just put Lily Loveless, or Kathryn Prescott on my screen. I will go into full flail mode.
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    I’m constantly hated on at work for it. LOVE FLAILING.
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    I do..sometimes, it has to be pretty awesome to get me wiggling
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    I have an “embarrassed/pleased” dance that I do that’s quite girly.
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    of course.
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    oh yeah. all the flailing. i think i may have frightened my friend the other night, actually, with all my flailing.
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    I do, too. I do the bouncing up and down in my chair and spazzy hand waving. Like when I went to TG Live.
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    I do this thing where my hands cant decide if they want to a) grab the top of my head (think pulling out hair), b) cover...
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    Dude, I legitimately l scare my mom when I flail.
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    All the time. My aunt makes fun of me. & i’m just like ’ get on my fan girl level’ (;
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    I do a full out flail. Legs kicking, arms waving about. Gonna dislocate something one day.
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    No no I ACTUALLY flail all the time
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    I DO THE EXACT SAME THING! or I stand up and dance around the room.
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    Asking a friend about my ‘mannerisms’ for a Tumblr challenge. ‘You always wave your arms about in front of you when...
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    ^ Yup, well usually I’m sitting on the floor, but I sometimes usually knock things over.
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    SAME! especially…..when i watch….CASTLE yes ?(;
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    I flail and do that high pitched fangirl screech. It is a normal event in my life. Lol.
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